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Industrial ERP

Industrial ERP system consist of basic 5 elements which are as follow,
1. Customer relationship management (CRM)
2. Manufacturing execution systems (MES)
3. Quality management systems (QMS)
4. Supply chain management (SCM)
5. Executive information systems (EIS)
We are capable of designing and development of complex ERP systems used in business management. In past we have built many ERP systems which are successfully implemented and are live today. We provide Tech support for entire life of ERP system.

Educational ERP

For easy use of ERP and to get the best out of the online education systems a School ERP must have certain basic features.For a better understanding certain important features that an organization can look for in an education system are listed
1. Admission Process
2. Attendance system
3. Maintaining Examination
4. Cloud Facilitation
5. Communication
6. Staff & Library Management

Custiomised ERP

We also design and develop unique projects which has unique implementation. Generally this kind of softwares are bespoke made by us. If you have any query feel free to contact us at our offical mail ID.

ERP System Design and Development
ERP System Design and Development

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Cloud Based ERP

We design and develop cloud based ERP systems which is accessible globally.


Attractive Designs

High quality graphics are used for analytics reports.


Affordable price

We work within your Project Budget Limit


Customised ERP

We build hand crafted system which fulfil your requirement.


Meet the customer deadline

We Complete our work within Time Frame


Tech Support

We Provide tech support for entire lifetime of project

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