With the intervention of Customised ERP it becomes equally easy for the other departments of the company to check the information regarding the order. Similarly it is not necessary for departments to keep working on it all through to know their chance or in other words discharging their respective area of work in the whole process. On the contrary ERP intimates them as soon as it is their chance. ERP software solution is the one step answer. Implementing ERP in an organization depends upon that whether it could yield necessary benefits rather than the troublemaker.

To be considered an ERP system, a software package should have the following traits:

• It should be integrated and operate in real-time with no periodic batch updates.

• All applications should access one database to prevent redundant data and multiple data definitions.

• All modules should have the same look and feel.

• Users should be able to access any information in the system without needed integration work on the part of the IS department

ERP Components

Transactional Backbone

• Financials • Distribution • Human Resources • Product lifecycle management

Advanced Applications

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Supply chain management o Purchasing o Manufacturing o Distribution • Warehouse Management System

Management Portal/Dashboard

• Decision Support System These modules can exist in a complete system or utilized in an ad-hoc fashion.

Commercial Applications


Engineering, bills of material, scheduling, capacity, workflow management, quality control, cost management, manufacturing process, manufacturing projects, manufacturing flow

Supply chain management

Order to cash, inventory, order entry, purchasing, product configurator, supply chain planning, supplier scheduling, inspection of goods, claim processing, commission calculation


General ledger, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets

Project management

Costing, billing, time and expense, performance units, activity management

Human resources

Human resources, payroll, training, time and attendance, rostering, benefits

Customer relationship management

Sales and marketing, commissions, service, customer contact and call center support

Data services

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